Long Distance Acne Consultation



Don't waste another dollar on treating your skin.  Introducing the first Professional Acne Clinic To Guarantee You Results Or YOUR MONEY BACK!

For those who have never had acne, they simply can't understand the dark tunnel you get plunged into.  You get tired of the bloody pus and infections and your hair sticking to your wounds, only to be ripped off when you accidentally touch yourself.

You avoid looking in the mirror, because the reflection back is just devastating.  The constant bumps that never seem to go away, so you squeeze hoping that if you squeeze them hard enough that they will just explode.  Instead you now have a bloody mess on your face that you can't hide with makeup.

Even more devastating is your therapist showing you the end results of their extractions, like some victory.....yet each month you go back and there is more for them to extract and you are no closer to a solution.  Often you can feel just so defeated.   

The first step in getting acne corrected is identifying what your unique triggers for acne are.  During our time together we will discuss what is normal for skin and why in your particular circumstances, your skin is not behaving as it should.  We will identify what food triggers that are exacerbating your acne, as well as identifying and thoroughly checking all of your skin care products, hair care products and oral supplements that are contributing to your condition. 

During your first consultation we will spend about 60 minutes thoroughly investigating your condition and causes.  It is impossible to identify all triggers for your acne in 20 minutes.  Because we take the time to fully understand your skin, we eliminate the road blocks to success that are often missed by therapists who do not take the time to do a full skin diagnosis and lifestyle consultation. 

We will discuss what acne is, because understanding how it forms and what it is, helps to get you clear and makes you more compliant with the treatments and process.  While you often are not doing anything to cause your acne, you may be doing things that are triggering it and making it much worse and harder to clear.  During our consultation we will help you to understand why your skin may be flaring more than normal and what you can do yourself to control it more.   

During your first consultation you will need to purchase product to take care of your skin at home.  80% of your results come from what you use on a daily basis.  The products will cost approximately $200-$250 AUD  which will last you approximately 3 months. 

Even though you can't come for a facial we can get you results.  The majority of your results come from avoiding the wrong ingredients and using the exact actives your particular type of acne requires for clearing.

Your skin therapist will organise regular video conference call to check in with you and to assess your skins progress.  To accelerate your progress, you can purchase professional products for you to use at home, that will give you as close as possible to a salon treatment experience with results.  We will give you detailed instructions on how to use them.  All of our products are natural and there is no risk of burning or damaging your skin.  We do not use anything with extremes of pH, so even the inexperienced can successfully treat their skin and get as close as possible to the results achievable in clinic.  

So to get your skin on the path to clear skin purchase a consultation now and we will be in touch to organise a time that suits.  As a bonus when you book your long distance consultation you will also get the consultation fee credited towards your product purchase.

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