The Skin Herbalists specialilse in using the most powerful natural and botanical ingredients to target your skin concern.

Acne Treatments

75 minutes - $140.00 

This treatment is designed for congested and clogged skins. Utilising a pumpkin and cranberry enzyme that effectively exfoliates the skin and helps to “unglue” blackheads and congestion for easy extraction. Blackheads are lessened and skin is smoother and calmer in appearance.

75 minutes - $140.00

This treatment rapidly suppresses inflamed lesions and cysts and calms the skin. The skin is strengthened so you have less chance of breaking out. Your facial is finished with an ultra-soothing oatmeal and prebiotic mask that reduces inflammation. Due to the nature and severity of inflammation we do not do extractions in this facial.

Herbal Acne - Back
60 minutes - $115.00

Utilising a stronger enzyme to cope with the courseness and thickness of back skin, dead skin cells are softened and removed.  Blackheads are removed making the skin feel smoother and less congested.   We finish with a sulfur clay mud from New Zealand that purifies and detoxifies the skin.

Herbal Acne - Scarring
75 minutes - $160.00

There are numerous types of scars that can occur because of acne. Icepick, rolling, boxcar, atrophic scars and hypertrophic or keloid scars. Typically most clinics treat scarring by grinding down the epidermis and skin trying to even the appearance of the skin. This method makes the skin more sensitive and thinner.Our non-invasive method is by infusing our proprietary serum into the skin in conjunction with LED.

Roccoco Signature Black Head Melting
75 minutes - $140.00

This treatment is designed for those who have a lot of clogging. A thorough skin analysis needs to be done to check if the clogging is all over your skin and determine the causes of your breakouts. Blackhead Melting Treatment is an intense deep clean to the skin that utilizes advanced electrical equipment to soften blackheads and melt microcomedones preventing breakouts from forming. It helps calm lesions and bring down the appearance of inflammation in the skin.

LED light is used to shorten the healing time of acne lesions and stimulate the appearance of plump new cells, which helps to minimize the appearance of acne scarring. The LED light has a germicidal effect on bacteria.

Roccoco Impure Detox
75 minutes - $145.00

This treatment is designed for those who suffer from hormonal breakouts and blind pimples to bring down the redness and infection in inflamed skins. A combination of exclusive Roccoco skin purifying herbs are infused into the skin which help to soften impactions and allow for easier removal without causing damage or inflammation. This professional treatment will help to dislodge congestion and help to reduce the number and severity of your breakouts whilst your skin is clearing.

LED light is used to shorten the healing time of acne lesions and encourage the appearance of plump new cells, which helps to minimize the appearance of acne scarring. The LED light has a germicidal effect and achieve clearer, healthier skin quickly.


Rosacea Treatments

Herbal Calming - Rosacea
90 minutes - $165.00

If you have been treating your rosacea for more than a week and you are not seeing a difference, then something is not right. Flushing, facial redness and acne type lesions are one of the signs of Rosacea.  Acne and rosacea can look very similar, so it is really important to be speaking to someone who has a lot of experience in treating this condition and can also differentiate between the 2 conditions.  Many clients have suffered needlessly simply because they were misdiagnosed with their skin condition and treated incorrectly. 

Roccoco Redness Relief 
75 minutes - $150.00

Roccoco’s Signature “Redness Relief Treatment” gives you immediate results in reducing facial redness and sensitivity, in ONE treatment! Skin is refined and softened with the natural enzymes of Papaya and Pineapple to gently remove excess skin cells without irritating your delicate skin.

Vitamins, Ceramides and our exclusive Dermal Remodelling Complexes are infused with the use of ultrasound into your skin. For maximum skin penetration and immediate skin calming. Chrysanthemum and Rose Facial Mask seals in the actives and leaves the skin calm and incredibly soft and hydrated. LED Therapy helps to calm the appearance of inflammation and improves the appearance of the capillary network by visibly reducing the appearance of diffused redness.


Aging Treatments

Zymatic Lift
90 minutes $160.00

Zymatic Lift is a unique anti-aging treatment that resurfaces the skin and firms and lifts the skin instantly for a visibly refreshed skin that you can see after just one treatment. Erase years off the look of your skin.

Containing biological enzymes that smooth the skin and leave the skin feeling ultra hydrated.

This treatment is non-invasive and completely painless with no downtime.

Dermal Lift
90 minutes $180.00

Do you want to feel absolutely ecstatic about your skin in 3-4 months? This treatment is exclusive to Roccoco Stockists and combines 3 advanced technologies as well as our exclusive Roccoco Dermal Infusion Serum to rejuvenate the skin.

Recommended number of treatments is 8-10, spaced no more than fortnightly apart. When the treatments are spaced further apart you lose the effectiveness of the toning component of this treatment.


Pigmentation Treatments

Roccoco Ayurvedic Brightening
75 MINUTES - $150.00

A blend of active botanical ingredients combined with LED to instantly brighten, hydrate and refresh your skin.  Bring back a radiant, luminous even tone using Roccoco's Skin Brightening range.  A natural, safe solution that utilises ingredients such as Pearls, Orchids, Vitamin C and Licqorice that does not cause bleaching or inflammation.