Roccoco Botanicals Treatments

Roccoco Signature Blackhead Melting
75 minutes - $140.00

An intensive deep clean treatment with Galvanic and LED that reduces inflammation and softens congestion for easier extraction.  Calms lesions, brings down the appearance of inflammation and shortens the healing time of acne lesions.

Roccoco Impure Detox
75 minutes - $145.00

Calm down impurities and infection with an infusion of Roccoco's purifying herbs, Ultrasound and LED Treatment.  Designed for those who suffer from hormonal breakouts and blind pimples to soften impactions and allow for easier removal without causing damage or inflammation.

Roccoco Redness Relief 
75 minutes - $150.00

Roccoco’s Signature “Redness Relief Treatment” gives you immediate results in reducing facial redness and sensitivity, in ONE treatment! An infusion of serums and LED are used to seal in repairing activies whilst cooling and soothing the skin.  Skin is refined and softened with the natural enzymes of Papaya and Pineapple to gently remove excess skin cells without irritating your delicate skin.

Roccoco Ayurvedic Brightening
75 minutes - $150.00

A blend of active botanical ingredients combined with LED to instantly brighten, hydrate and refresh your skin.  Bring back a radiant, luminous even tone using Roccoco's Skin Brightening range.  A natural, safe solution that utilises ingredients such as Pearls, Orchids, Vitamin C and Licqorice that does not cause bleaching or inflammation.

Roccoco Signature Dermal Lift
90 minutes - $160.00

An instant appearance of tone, radiance and added lift.  Utilising Microcurrent and LED your skin will be refreshed, restored and hydrated.  Combining 3 advanced technologies as well as exclusive Roccoco Dermal Infusion Serum to rejuvenate the skin.  Recommended number of treatments is 8-10, spaced no more than every 2 weeks.