Our deluxe treatments are exclusive to The Skin Herbalist and are customised by our highly qualified therapists.  Designed to suit your skin needs with an in-depth skin analysis beforehand.  You can be assured your skin will be glowing and healthy.

Customised Relaxation Botanical Therapy
90 minutes - $170.00

 Blissfully drift into sleep and feel your stress melt away during this personalised aromatic experience.

Zymatic Lift
90 minutes - $160.00

A non-invasive treatment that firms and lifts the skin instantly utilising microcurrent and LED, wiping years off your face.

Crystal Stone Facial
60 minutes - $120.00  or  90 minutes - $170.00

In both hot and cold therapy, crystal stones drain stagnant lymph, increase oxygenation and visibly lift the skin.