Zymatic Lift
90 minutes $160.00

Zymatic Lift is a unique anti-aging treatment that resurfaces the skin and firms and lifts the skin instantly for a visibly refreshed skin that you can see after just one treatment. Erase years off your skin. 

Containing biological enzymes, with a natural prebiotic that smooth the skin and leave the skin feeling ultra hydrated. The natural prebiotic enhances the penetration and efficacy of this enzyme. Zymatic Lift is non-invasive and completely painless with no downtime. 

Benefits of the Zymatic Lift Treatment: 
  • Evening of skin tone
  • Brighter skin
  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased hydration of the skin
  • Decrease in redness and irritation
  • Skin is visibly firmed and lifted.
  • Skin is ultra smooth and soft in appearance.
Who is this treatment recommended for? 
  • Clients who are showing signs of ageing and whose skin is dull in appearance.
  • Clients who have sagging or neck concerns.

Individual results may vary, because everyone's skin is in a different condition to start with. The more progressed your ageing is the greater the damage to the skin. Therefore, you may require more treatments over a longer period to help reverse the signs of ageing. 

Recommended number of treatments is 8-10, spaced no more than fortnightly apart. When the treatments are spaced further apart you lose the effectiveness of the toning component of this treatment.