Anti-Aging Consultation 

Aging is not just about wrinkles or fine lines.  There are over 18 signs of aging and wrinkles is only one of them.  These various factors give away your age making your skin look older than it possibly should.  This is why having botox doesn’t really make you look that much younger.  If you remove wrinkles but the skin texture, colour and look of it still looks aged, then the removal of wrinkles just makes it look more obvious that you have had a cosmetic treatment done. 

Our holistic treatment gives results that rival cosmetic treatments without any risk or pain.  They also address ALL the signs of aging and not only one of them.  We utilise biological enzymes that refine and stimulate the skin to behave younger.  We use LED (light) and microcurrent (electrical therapies) that increase the cellular energy of the skin.  Increasing the energy of the cells makes the skin more vibrant, as it can remove cellular wastes more effectively.  Skin no longer looks dull or sluggish, and within one treatment skin is visibly younger by at least 5 years. 

During your initial consultation we will examine and test your skin to identify the amount of collagen and elastin you have and identify the aging factors that are occurring in your skin.  Our advanced skin analysis device will examine the health of your skin.  We can also show you a projected aging of your skin based on what you are currently doing.  This can give you a preview of what is to come, we can then identify exactly what we can do to slow or reverse the aging process.  These factors will help us put together a treatment plan and home care products for you.  

I wish I lived near you but I am too far away. Can you still treat me? Yes, we can still treat you. 80% of your results are home care. If you are a long-distance client, your skin therapist will organise regular video conference call to check in with you and to assess your skin's progress.  To accelerate your progress, you can purchase professional products for you to use at home that will give you as close as possible to a salon treatment experience with results.  We will give you detailed instructions on how to use them.  All of our products are natural and there is no risk of burning or damaging your skin.  We do not use anything with extremes of pH, so even the inexperienced can successfully treat their skin and get as close as possible to the results achievable in clinic.