Not all acne is the same and the way we treat acne differs depending on the type of acne you have.  After your first skin consultation, we will determine the fastest and best method to clear your acne.  Having regular fortnightly treatments will speed up significantly the time to clear your skin and speed healing, minimising scarring.


Herbal Acne - Clarifying
75 minutes - $140.00 

For a smoother, calmer appearance, this treatment is designed to 'unglue' blackheads and congestion.  Utilising Hydrodermabrasion, pumpkin and cranberry enzyme along with our proprietary solution, this treatment will blast away the glue anchoring acne to the pore.

Herbal Acne - Reduction
75 minutes - $140.00

An ultra-soothing treatment designed to rapidly suppress inflamed lesions, cysts and calm the skin literally overnight.  With the use of Microcurrent pads to infuse the mask and reduce inflammation, the skin is strengthened so you have less chance of breaking out.  Your facial is finished with a soothing oatmeal and prebiotic mask.  Due to the nature and severity of inflammation, we do not do extractions in this facial.

Herbal Acne - Back
60 minutes - $115.00

Using clay from New Zealand rich in mineral sulfur, perfectly suited to the courseness and thickness of back skin, dead skin cells are soften and removed, leaving it purified and detoxified.  This treatment leaves the skin feeling smoother and less congested. 

Herbal Acne - Scarring
75 minutes - $160.00

A non-invasive method of treating acne scarring.  By infusing our proprietary serum into the skin using Ultrasound in conjunction with LED, results are achieved without causing thinning or sensitivity.  This facial is effective in treating numerous types of scaring including icepick, rolling, boxcar, atrophic scars and hypertrophic or keloid scars.