5 Common Myths & Misconceptions of Eczema


  1. Eczema is contagious - Not at all! It is a genetic condition and not at all contagious. Although it can spread across your own skin there is no way one person can pass on Eczema through touch!
  2. Eczema will go away by itself – We all wish it would but unfortunately not! If anything, it will do the opposite and cause more inflamed and irritated skin. There are many lifestyle changes that should be put in place to help alleviate the symptoms, including diet, skin products and household products.
  3. Eczema is the same as dermatitis – Although they have similarities, Eczema is a chronic condition and doesn’t usually need an external factor to cause a flareup, whereas dermatitis is usually caused when the skin comes into contact with a chemical or substance
  4. Eczema is just dry skin – Not a chance! We all experience dry skin every now and then. Eczema occurs for those with a genetic variation and the skin barrier is disrupted causing the skin to lose moisture and produce an inflammatory response.
  5. Only babies have Eczema – Although Eczema is commonly developed in the earlier months of childhood, a lot of children may not have fully developed Eczema until age 5. It tends to be less of a ongoing problem in adulthood but flareups are still very common.



I grew up with eczema and contact dermatitis and an allergy to a preservative called methylisothiazolinone. This preservative is found in cosmetics, cleaners, wipes, shampoos, laundry liquid, glues and paints. So basically, everything we use daily!

My skin would regularly get infected and it would crack and bleed and became increasingly painful to even move my hands. I felt embarrassed and lost a lot of confidence about myself and my body.  It was only recently where I worked out my allergy and have been able to minimise the products I touch. But even then, I still struggled to manage the ongoing dryness and flareups.

I continue to work on my skin and care for it correctly, but the use of our CPR cream has been lifesaving. My hands are finally manageable and I apply the CPR daily to heal the ongoing Eczema. I also used the CPR intense to manage the skin at its worst and the Rescue Balm for ongoing care. 



Intense CPR


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